Cellgym: Mitochondrial Cell Training through Oxygen

The interval hypoxia and interval hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy is a gentle and non-invasive method that serves to regenerate and relax the entire body. The highly effective IHHT training stimulus stimulates numerous biochemical processes in the body, thereby resulting in self-healing and regeneration.

Cellgym can be used with the following diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases


IHD, Angina pectoris

Post-infarction cardiosclerosis

Myocardial infarction at the rehabilitation stage

Preparing for heart surgery

Post-operative rehabilitation

Primary and secondary prevention of a CVD

Cerebrovascular diseases

Stroke at the rehabilitation stage

Descriptive encephalopathy

Transient ischaemic attacks

Vascular dementia


Vertebrobasilar insufficiency

Somatoform autonomic dysfunction

Psychiatry, narcology

Endogenous depression

Drugs and alcohol abuse


Neuroses including:

– enuresis

– obsessive-compulsive disorders

– astheno-neurotic syndrome

– hyperdynamic syndrome

Diabetes mellitus Type II


Metabolic syndrome


Lipoprotein metabolism disorders


Bronchial asthma


Frequent acute respiratory diseases

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