Stall the Biological Age, Retain the Quality of Life.

Healthy cells and a restored intercellular matrix are what make a healthy body.

How a person ages depends on his or her cells. Modern cell research has determined that a person can live for more than 160 years in good health under optimal conditions. We are a long way from such life circumstances however. We cannot completely defend ourselves against aging, but we can optimise the “anti-aging” conditions. After a very detailed anamnesis has been recorded and nutritional, intestinal health and even environmental toxin burdens have been diagnosed, we shall compile therapy concepts in my practice that are tailored to you and which not only serve your looks, but also root out the cause of chronic diseases.

me2.vie – System Therapy: Strengthen the Cell Power Stations

The mitochondria (cell power stations) are damaged in more than 97% of all chronic diseases. The modern high-frequency technology me2vie can cause cells to rejuvenate. The most diverse orthomolecular infusions are used together with electrostimulation.

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Cellgym: Mitochondrial Cell Training through oxygen

The interval hypoxia and interval hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy is a gentle and non-invasive method that serves to regenerate and relax the entire body. The highly effective IHHT training stimulus stimulates numerous biochemical processes in the body, thereby resulting in self-healing and regeneration.


Ozone Therapy: Performance can be improved with Oxygen.

Ozone is a variation of oxygen with a very high oxidation effect. With the hyperbaric ozone therapy, blood that has been taken is mixed with ozone – active oxygen – in a vacuum bottle under pressure, before being returned to the vein in the form of an infusion.


PEMF Therapy: Magnetic Impulses in order to Stimulate Cells

With the PEMF therapy, the endogenous signals that can be activated by the normal healing process, are emulated. The patient lies on a mat and an electric signal is generated by magnetic impulses, it hereby being possible to stimulate cell regeneration.

Vascular Check with Ultrasound and minimise the Risk of Atherosclerosis

A sonographic (ultrasound) examination of the carotis in order to determine the intimal media thickness as an early indication of an atherosclerosis. This enables preventative measures to be adopted at an early stage in order to prevent secondary diseases of atherosclerosis such as a myocardial infarction (heart attack) and apoplexy (stroke).

Detoxification Therapy: “You are not ill, you have been poisoned.“

This environmental medicine statement is also valid for anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. During laboratory analyses, we detect the toxins that place your body under a burden and develop a detoxification concept that is tailored to your needs. This can be in the form of a Chelation therapy in the case of toxic metals, or an optimised orthomolecular treatment in the case of chemical toxins.

Orthomolecular Therapy and Vita-Balance cure: a Wellbeing Cure for Your Cells

Not only are amino acids, vitamins and minerals very important for your body, this is also the case with regard to the correct fat contents as these are all required for cell regeneration. Cell and mitochondria membranes consist of very valuable unsaturated fats and phospholipids. Only healthy cell structures are able to guarantee an optimal cell function.

Microimmunotherapy: Focus on Restoring the Immune System

The medication that is administered in the course of a microimmunotherapy are immunoregulators that aim at strengthening and harmonising the endogenous defence. This has proven itself in the treatment of numerous chronic diseases. The aim is the returning of the organism to a natural and effective immune response of the participants in the immune reaction in a gentle manner.

Pain Therapy and Search for Interference Zones: Search for the Causes

Causes referred to as foci, are often detected and treated using diagnostic methods that are used in neural therapy. With the neural therapy, a local anaesthetic is injected into pain and reflex zones using thin needles. This can be combined with acupuncture. In the practice, they are both used for pain relief and to provide relief from chronic suffering.

Mesotherapy: Pain Therapy and a Gentle Beauty Method

The procedure combines the success provided by acupuncture, neural therapy and the orthomolecular therapy. With short ultrafine injection needles, active ingredient combinations are injected just a few millimetres underneath the skin. This procedure is used in pain therapy, sports medicine, gynaecology and aesthetic medicine.

Nature-Identical Hormone Therapy According to Dr. Rimkus for both Men and Women

Nowadays, it is possible to manufacture “nature-identical“ or “bio-identical“ progesterone from Diosgenin, the primary active ingredient in the Mexican wild yam root. A hormonal dysbalance is restored after completion of corresponding laboratory diagnostics. As far as possible, the causes of the hormonal disorders shall also be taken into account and also treated.

Tailored Nutritional Medicine: The right Nutrition does not Exist

A car receives care and servicing that is of a higher quality than that offered to people. No manual existed when we were born that provided us with information on appropriate nutrients and servicing intervals. Many chronic diseases and aging are the result of inappropriate nutrition and this is the reason why our practice also specialises in nutritional counselling that is based on laboratory values.

An Integral Part of Nutritional Medicine: Micronutrient Therapy and Rational Natural Substance Medicine

On the basis of a lifestyle analysis, we advise you on how you can additionally remedy deficiencies in building materials for your cell regeneration with dietary supplements, dietary foods or rational active plant ingredients. The quality and composition are extremely important when selecting dietary supplements.

Detect an Iron Deficiency and Treat it Effectively

Tired? Listless? Depressive? Hair loss? Sleep disorder? Headaches? Mentally unstable? Dizziness? Brittle nails? A tense neck? Concentration Difficulties? These symptoms can be caused by an iron deficiency. Iron is often underestimated but possesses enormous healing powers. Make an appointment and have your iron value tested.

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