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Aesthetic Medicine

Allow your Natural Beauty to Radiate with Ultra-modern Methods.

Aesthetic medicine should not be confused with plastic surgery. In the holistic aesthetic medicine, we use methods that have low side effects and that are especially adapted to your type and your health situation in order to reactivate the natural functions of the skin tissue and connective tissue. Corrections to undesirable mimic structures can hereby be corrected and reconstructed using remedies that are very tolerable, fat pads can also be removed from areas where they are not wanted, for example. As far as I am concerned, the tolerability of the adopted measures and the sustainability of their effects are important. The skin and especially the facial skin reflects how you deal with your body and for this reason, we also endeavour to remedy the causes of undesirable external changes at the same time.

Pellevé-Radiage Treatment: Natural Beauty Non-invasive

Radio waves stimulate the formation of endogenous collagen under the skin. This is one of the most modern skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatments with which the introduction of foreign substances under the skin that could eventually be allergenic can be avoided.

Tixel® Skin Rejuvenation: Pure and Natural Heat against Wrinkles and Scars

The thermo-mechanical procedure lends itself to the treatment of scars, the removal of hyperpigmentation and in order to tighten the facial skin. Numerous small micropyramids make contact with the skin for milliseconds and thereby open up channels in the skin so that highly effective active ingredients can be introduced. The result is a soft skin that is also fine-pored.

Wrinkle Treatment by Injection: Simple and Right for all Skin Types

Our face is often unprotected against UV radiation and environmental burdens, not forgetting the predisposition when it comes to forming wrinkles. A trick can be played on Mother Nature with simple means. The skin is smoothened out using the right “fillers”.


The first non-operative skin rejuvenation technique in the world, revascularisation for the face and the body. Features of the structure of the skin are taken into account and provide a complete 3D simulation at all levels and in all directions. The subcutaneous skeleton is formed and fixed by sutures, making it possible to produce the same effects as with plastic surgery, without injuring the mimic structures or the facial anatomy.

LUXFACE Lifting Mask: Collagen Mask with an Immediate Lifting Effect

The LUXEFACE collagen mask comprises a cloth and a gel that has an immediate lifting effect. The gel contains an amazing mixture of natural anti-aging extracts: hydrolysed hyaluronic acid, soluble collagen, peptides, arnica, herb extracts in order to rejuvenate the skin, and Lactobacillus fermentum.

Preslifting: The Intelligent Skin Transformation Concept

The PRESLIFTING treatment uses a special rejuvenation solution and an innovative drug delivery system in order to generate a growth of new fibroblasts by reproducing them from autologous small cells. Special acupuncture needles help the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

Fat Removal Injection (Lipolysis) for Stubborn Problem Zones

Annoying small fat pads that appear in undesirable places such as the chin, the abdomen, the armpits, etc., these also being the last to disappear when fasting, can be combatted with targeted small injections that support the natural fat reduction, and that without the need for an operation.

Botox Injections: Targeted Relaxation for the Muscular Structures

Certain structures of our face turn into a permanent facial expression if our mimicry is tense. The targeted injection of minimal quantities of the neurotransmitter Botox, results in a temporary relaxation of these shortened muscular structures.

New Method for Treating Malar Mounds

The Ellman radio frequency technique according to Dr. Kai Rezai is a completely new method for treating malar mounds (lachrymal sacs), telangiectasias, trichiasis and for local epilation. This is carried out without a surgical incision. This 4.0 MHz high-frequency technology uses an isolated electrode.

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