“The only Really Good Medicine is Holistic Medicine.“

This was the life and professional motto of my father, the best physician imaginable as far as I am concerned. Body, spirit and soul always formed a unit, irrespective of the disease. These professional ethics have been my credo from by birth.

My profession as a physician resulted in me working in the most diverse disciplines such as cardiology, heart surgery, neurology, intensive medicine and also aesthetic medicine. I was able to experience that the opinion of my father was true in all of these specialisations.

Saving human lives as an intensive care specialist or a heart surgeon is very satisfying but one thing became clear to me when working as a physician in Germany and abroad: the prevention of chronic diseases or treating them with methods that are as natural and with as few side effects as possible, provides an even greater fulfilment.

Diseases of the body are also diseases of cells. If I would be able to succeed in slowing down their aging and reactivating their natural regenerative strength, then it would be possible to treat a large number of chronic diseases with an even greater degree of success. Aesthetic medicine is not to be excluded from the holistic approach, especially as our third-largest organ, the skin, is permanently connected to all of the other organs.

Modern root cause analysis: this is what I mainly focus on. Only then can I help your health and beauty to be of the best quality using the most modern and proven methods.

A holistic approach should be a reality in all medical disciplines.

I love my profession!
Dr. med. Liubov Golubeva


Since 2010: continuous advanced and further training in aesthetic medicine

  • Suture lifting certificates
  • Certificates for diverse injection techniques with a filler, botulinum toxin, aesthetic mesotherapy, lipolysis, Thermage® and Tixel® methods


  • SIHO-Swiss Iron Health Organisation
  • Netzwerk Globalhealth für Ästhetische Medizin (Global Health for Aesthetic Medicine Network)
  • KMT-Deutsche Ärztegesellschaft für klinische Metalltoxikologie e.V.
  • Anti Age Expert from Dr. Claude Dalle (President of WOSIAM) and Dorina Donici (President of RUSIAM)
  • Das Hormon-Netzwerk Rimkus-Methode (Rimkus Method Hormone Network)
  • By regularly participating in further training courses, congresses and certified workshops, we guarantee innovative anti-aging treatments conform with the latest state of science.
  • MEGEMIT (Medical Association for Microimmunotherapy)

Employment as a Physician

  • St. Marien-Krankenhaus Siegen GmbH
    Medical Clinic II , Cardiology, Angiology, Internal Medicine Intensive Care Unit
  • HELIOS Klinikum Wuppertal Heart Centre
    Clinic for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery

Chief Physician
in the Department for Function Diagnostics and the Electrophysiology Laboratory for the surgical treatment of arrhythmias at the “Prof. A. Kupriyanov Clinic” with the Chair for Cardiovascular Surgery, Academy for Military Medicine in St. Petersburg

at the Academy for Military Medicine,
St. Petersburg

Medical Specialist
Cardiology, Arrythmology and Neurology, St. Petersburg